GEDS Gives Back

Georgia Emergency Department Services is committed to improving patient experiences and outcomes through their work as emergency department providers as well as their contributions to local charities, volunteer clinics, and more.

GEDS is proud of the hard-working, dedicated healthcare teams we work alongside!

At each campus in northeast Georgia, they are putting our communities first.  They are showing up and continuing to provide the essential services needed to care for our patients.

They are keeping our world in motion, despite facing the highest risk.

These incredible individuals are storming the frontlines with us every day and deserve all the recognition, today and everyday!

Thank you to our Emergency Department colleagues!


  • GEDS is proud supporter of the James H. Downey Society, a group of active and retired physicians committed to improving the health of our community through philanthropy.  Click here to learn more


  • Each year for Nurse's Week & Emergency Nurse's Week, GEDS does something special for all the RNs in each of the emergency departments we staff.  From cakes and food to 10-minute massages in the lounge.  We want to show our appreciation for the hard work and dedication shown by our nursing colleagues.  We couldn't do our job without you!